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Changes in the home health industry have been continuous and extremely significant for at least the past 20 years. Now here comes another new payment model (PDGM), pre-claim review, etc. And there is surely more to come, as always! Among other changes, PDGM will require more detailed coding of claims. There is some fun lurking in ICD-10 codes in the form of codes that are just plain weird. How about, for example, “Bitten by Orca, Initial Encounter?”

There’s more! Such as:
• Prolonged Stay in Weightless Environment, Initial Encounter
• Unspecified Spacecraft Accident Injuring Occupant, Initial Encounter
• Tidal Wave Due to Landslide, Initial Encounter
• Explosion of Bicycle Tire, Initial Encounter
• Walked into Wall, Initial Encounter
• Sucked into Jet Engine, Initial (and likely last!) Encounter
• Injury to Rider of Inflatable Recreational Watercraft Being Pulled Behind Other Watercraft, Initial Encounter
• Occupant of Animal-Drawn Vehicle Injured in Collision with Other Animal-Drawn Vehicle, Initial Encounter
• Pedestrian on Roller-Slakes Injured in Collison with Pedal Cycle in Nontraffic Accident, Initial Encounter
• Heelies Colliding with Stationary Object, Initial Encounter
• Toxic Effect of Contact with Venomous Toad, Assault, Initial Encounter (My favorite!)
• Accident to, on or Involving Land-Yacht, Initial Encounter
• Assault by Hot Tap Water, Initial Encounter
You know the old saying: If we didn’t laugh, we would cry! But here’s the important point: home care providers have shown that they are adaptable and resilient beyond measure. Providers will undoubtedly apply these characteristics of adaptability and resilience to all of the challenges ahead, too. Can do!

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