Homecare Quality Improvement Manual Index

Quality Improvement Program Manual


Table of Contents

1. Quality Improvement Plan Description

2. Examples of Quality Improvement Indicators

3. Quality Improvement Indicators

4. Calendar of Results

5. Indicator Worksheet – Individual and Summary:

A. Rehospitalizations
B. Getting In and Out of Bed
C. Surgical Wounds
D. Fall Reduction/Prevention
E. Clinical Record Review
F. Timeliness of Documentation
G. Customer Satisfaction
i. Worksheet
ii. Survey

H. Infection Control

i. Risk Assessment
ii. Surveillance
iii. Surveillance Form
iv. Trending Log
v. Policy

I. Medication ErrorsJ. Adverse Drug ReactionsK. Hand Hygiene

6. ADR Chart Review

7. Adverse Event Outcomes Audit

A. Discharged to Community Needing Wound Care or Medical Assistance
B. Development of Urinary Tract Infection
C. Emergent Care for Wound Infections
D. Increase in Number of Pressure Ulcers
E. Decline in Management of Oral Medications
Homecare Quality Improvement Manual Index